[Tagging] Playgrounds/Play zones in forests

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Sat Sep 10 19:30:40 UTC 2016

playground:theme=* is somewhat established already.


Janko Mihelić wrote on 2016/09/10 17:28:
> Maybe just add playground_type=forest_playground, nature_playground or something like that.

> Dana 10. ruj 2016. 16:43 osoba "Marc Gemis" <marc.gemis at gmail.com <mailto:marc.gemis at gmail.com>> napisala je:
>     I encounter more and more playground ("play zones") in forests. These
>     are areas were children can use the natural materials they find to
>     build huts, bridges, etc. and run around freely outside the dedicated
>     paths. Typically there is no playground equipment, although in some
>     occasional cases you might find a tree house.
>     I have no problem to tag them with "leisure=playground", but I wonder
>     whether there is an additional tag that I could add to distinguish
>     them from other playgrounds ?

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