[Tagging] Pedestrian ways as second class citizens in OSM

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Mon Sep 12 14:52:23 UTC 2016

W dniu 12.09.2016 15:31, Dave F napisał(a):

> I'd say use primary_link as it involves less typing, but both are
> equal in meaning & standing.

We could tag "any tag we like", but while the meaning may be the same, 
in practice only one is used and the other one is not.

That's the first class - you can do it without fatigue by default, but 
you may add details and exceptions (!) if you need. The second class is 
not about something being just impossible, but it's less convenient and 
more error prone: more typing and more assumptions you have to express 
when you just want to tell one general thing.

When I want to tag corridor it's easier to express it by using its name 
than try to define "what the corridor really is - using terms of OSM 
tagging practice?". Defining is hard and we can get few different 
schemes for one typical element.

> No: You know cemetery & park paths are cemetery & park paths because
> they're in a cemetery or park. (OSM is geospatially aware - see
> discussions in Talk about is_in tag)

You can also assume that a service road on the parking is a "parking 
aisle", but we tag it anyway and it's a common practice (2.2 millions of 
uses). We also tag the residential area, even when you have residential 
buildings tagged. And you can add a road property lit=* even if we have 
lamps around it and we may tag them as working.

Why? Because it's a different level of abstraction.

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