[Tagging] using Michelin's road classification (was: Routing in Liège)

André Pirard a.pirard.papou at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 15:02:44 UTC 2016

On 2016-09-13 18:21, Marc Gemis wrote:
> Hallo,
> I was contacted by a mapper from Germany with whom I worked on turn:lanes.
> He has to following question, can someone with local knowledge inform
> us about the road classifications ? I have the impression a lot of
> streets are indeed residential. Feel free to reply in French, I'll
> translate it to English for him.
> [snipped]
> Now I want ask you about another problem.
> Coming from here
> http://forum.mapfactor.com/discussion/comment/13515#Comment_13515
> I checked Liege to find out the mapping of roads there:
> http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/imn
> My guess is, that unclassified is used wrong there and that is the
> reason for strange routings. My opinion is that unclassified as the
> lowest kind of connecting roads do not end at city borders and have or
> need common connection to same or higher class inside of towns or
> villages. For me routers should avoid residentials and lower as much
> as possible. Do you have any idea to check and correct this in Liege
> to make routing better?
> If there are any questions, please ask.
> Regards
> Michael aka hurdygurdyman
In order to produce good routing using the *main* roads (1), ...
why not adopt in OSM the same classification as Michelin
They should know something about routing, shouldn't they?

BE ID/type
	many houses
	rare houses

Inside town, the main advantage is that streets are then classified as
either secondary/tertiary or residential/unclassified
according to whether they should be used or not for routes from town
place to place.
Please note that when a street is promoted to tertiary status, the fact
that it contains houses gets disregarded
(and hence I wonder if it's a good idea to consider houses  for road
classification rather than using an additional residential attribute
(yes, I know it's the way "we" do it)).

I am willing to explain JOSM users how to compare OSM and Michelin easily.
Please send me a *private **reply* to the next message "Michelin info"
to get it.
I would do a part of Liège myself if it's organized by someone
distributing the tasks.



(1) several de-contributors claim loudly that OSM routing is an every
contributors' hoax; I tend to agree with them for routing finer than
main roads given the complexity of making a no-turn relation, the
general misunderstanding of access restriction rules ("bicycle=yes"
alone), etc.; but I hate the "we don't do it like that" answers without
any constructive remark towards my goal when I suggest improvements. 
The "dedicated" subject alone makes whole chapters just because the
"dedicated" concept is not an (already existing) access restriction but
a reason for one ("but "we" do it like that").

(2) I suppose that Michelin doesn't mind just that since they updated
OSM themselves in their 2012 experiment

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