[Tagging] Use of oneway=yes on waterways

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 18 10:14:58 UTC 2016

Malcom, the values for "oneway" and all the "forward" and "backward"
subkey business are geometric directions related to the order of the
nodes in the OSM way, and not (always) linked to geographical concepts.
Nobody navigates based on raw OSM data, on the roads or on the water.
The values have to be unambiguously interpretable by a computer, and are
not intended for direct human consumption. In the context of a river
with a clear flow direction, then upstream and downstream might be
unambiguous. In a tidal estuary though, where the actual flow direction
may often be opposite to the natural flow of the river, is it then
completely clear? I am not particularly a nautical type, maybe you could
help here?

How could the concept of upstream and downstream be applied to canals
and lakes? 


On 2016-09-18 12:00, Malcolm Herring wrote:

> On 17/09/2016 23:08, Colin Smale wrote: 
>> Martin, are you suggesting to drop the convention for the way direction
>> that it goes with the flow? Or are you OK with oneway=reverse?
> Values such as "yes", "forward", "reverse", "-1", etc are all meaningless to those who actually navigate the waterways. As Aun said, the commonly understood terms are "upstream" & "downstream".
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