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Kevin Kenny kevin.b.kenny+osm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 13:39:41 UTC 2016

I thought sure that I had raised this question before, but a quick troll
through the archives doesn't seem to show it.

New York State has an extensive network of designated snowmobile routes,
intended to be long-distance continuous paths. In some cases, they follow
highways, or logging roads on state land. In other cases, the state offers
grants to private landowners to maintain the route, funded out of
snowmobile registration fees. (At least that's my understanding of how the
system works. I'm not a snowmobilist). Except where the route is groomed
alongside a highway (or sometimes on the highway - not all our roads are
open to motor vehicles in winter), other motor vehicles are ordinarily

These routes are marked with a highway shield, with reassurance markers at
intervals. There are even two tiers of routes: 'corridor' and 'secondary'.
Both are long-distance routes, so they are not appropriate for the name=*
field on a track or path. (Example: Haul Road No. 1 in the Dutch Settlement
State Forest is blazed for both the New York Long Path (route=hiking) and
Snowmobile Corridor Route 7B. A highway shield on a snowmobile route looks
like https://flic.kr/p/nPeMwe.

We don't (yet?) have a 'route=snowmobile' officially recognized. What I
used recently when a hike (gathering map data for something else) took me
for a while on a snowmobile corridor was 'route=road
network=US:NY:snowmobile:corridor ref=7B'. (If it had been a secondary
route, it would of course have been US:NY:snowmobile:secondary.) I feel a
little uncomfortable about route=road, which seems to be tailored for motor
vehicles, but the tagging would be in all ways the same - type, network,
route, ref are all there, and even most of the roles are possible (there
are link trails, for instance, providing access to nearby highways, or
places where a route splits into a one-way pair).

Does this sound plausible?
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