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For the Mali Humanitarian Response in early 2013, the Support Team, we noticed that contributors had difficulty to adapt to the reality of this african country with roads heavily damaged at rainy season, with street roads and major roads that looked like tracks. They had the tendancy to map everything as track or road.
We had to inform them on the reality of this african country where road infrastructures where completely different ot the road infrastructures the contributors knew in their respective countries.
I then created the Mali highway wiki page that later from various discussions we renamed Highway_Tag_Africa

This wiki page insist on taking account of the importance of this individual road in the country highway network and make distinction between the role of this road and the condition of this road.
>From imagery, looking at villages, town and cities, you can evaluate the status of an individual road and tag it appropriately. This is either
- non connecting roads going out of villages to farmlands or forestry areas : highway=track- highway=residential for residential ways large enough for cars to circulate (not path because this is a dirt road)
- a minor road connecting hamlets and small villages : highway=unclassified- you then graduate from the importance of the road highway=[tertiary, secondary, primary ...]

We need to adapt to situation of various countries and surely not develop classification on roads based only on the reality of the rich countries where motorways and paved roads are the norm.  A primary road in Mali, even if this is a dirt road highly damaged at rainy season, this is still a primary road. Other tags should be used to describe the condition of the road (ie. surface  smoothness).
And yes, it is better to indicate highway=unclassified + add a fixme then to use highway=[road, track] 

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> Sadly this issue was closed 
> https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/2742
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> Holger
There have been quite a few issues and tickets regarding this over a time period, with little or no results, that is why I have resolved taking this to the list. Seems like asking the developers of the different tools are somewhat futile, and we need broader attention on this issue.

Aun Johnsen

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