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Tue Aug 15 10:44:22 UTC 2017

I have a topic started at Belgium forum about tagging waterways, and 
found a link about 'Flanders classification-system'  -> 

Also, me thinks ; 'keep it simple' ... meaning ; all things, and also 
waterways can have a wikidata-code-number -> 

which links to wikipedia (and other links), and there, on wikipedia can 
one find/define then a broad description of that waterway(or other 
'thing') .

Also, we, on OSM , have often to choose between ;

'very small' waterway = *ditch* (or some tag it as 'drain' ) *width < 1 
meter *

'small waterway' = *stream  width 1 - 3 meter*

'big(ger) waterway = *river  width > 3 meter*

that's my thinking about ->

the commonly accepted rule for OpenStreetMap is that a stream can be 
jumped across by an active, able-bodied person 


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