[Tagging] Fire hydrants vs suction_point

Viking viking81 at tin.it
Thu Aug 17 14:47:43 UTC 2017

Hi all.
I'm a firefighter too. Nice to meet you.

In the case of commercial/industrial local water networks fed by pumps, we all agree to use emergency=fire_hydrant. Because externally (at least here in Italy) they are not distinguishable from hydrants fed by public mains and they have the same usage.

For the tag emergency=dry_hydrant, at this point I wouldn't introduce it, because we already have emergency=suction_point that covers a wider range of cases, as Moritz says.

Productivity can become flow_capacity, as it is for fire_hydrants.

The main problem now seems to be that in France dry hydrants and pressurized hydrants look the same and are not distinguishable by a normal mapper.
Anyway, personally I would prefer to include dry hydrants in suction points rather than in hydrants.
I'm near Moritz's point of view that emergency=fire_hydrants should be used only for presurized hydrants and all other not pressurized water sources should go in emergency=suction_point.

Francois, I understand the issue that in some countries the normal mapper can't distinguish a dry hydrant from a pressurized hydrant and he would tag a dry hydrant simply with emergency=fire_hydrant. But he will not use the correct tag in any case, even if we accept to use emergency=fire_hydrant + fire_hydrant:pressure=0, because he will not add the pressure subkey. And definitely, any solution we choose, any map with wrong data will give wrong information to firefighters. For these cases, only an expert mapper can fix wrong tags, case by case.

I'm waiting for other opinions.
Best regards

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