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Viking viking81 at tin.it
Sun Aug 20 00:02:00 UTC 2017

> colour:bonnet colour:cap colour:reflective seems for me to be in the reverse
> order the colour of a building is building:colour not colour:building the same exist with roof:colour light:colour ...


> survey:date is the date of a survey (someone was there) not a functional check.
> it would be better to use check_date (or check:date to keep date suffix)

+1 for check_date.

Francois, as a firefighters, I can say that it's very very important to distinguish a pressurized hydrant from a dry hydrant (or suction point). And we all agree.
And now I explain the reason why I prefer this distinction in the primary key.
First of all in many cases you don't know the pressure, but you know only that it's a pressurized hydrant. You should use something like fire_hydrant:pressure=positive that adds complexity and it's error prone for an inexperienced mapper.
Then, for my fire departement, I've extracted hydrants data from OSM, I've uploaded it on some old and new GPS and I've sent it on my colleagues smartphones.
The simplest (and in many case the only) way to tranfser hydrants attributes to GPS is to put them in waypoints names. But waypoints names lenght is limited in GPS, so it's likely that someone transferring data will loose the fire_hydrant:pressure information.
Then it's simpler to look for emergency=fire_hydrant or emergency=suction_point than look for emergency=fire_hydrant + fire_hydrant:pressure=positive or emergency=fire_hydrant + fire_hydrant:pressure=suction.
In conclusion grouping different items under the same primary key and, even worse, grouping all water sources under emergency=water_source, adds a not necessary complexity in data managament.
Simpler is always better. In this case it is simpler to keep emergency=fire_hydrant for pressurized hydrants and emergency=suction_point for all other non pressurized water sources.

For suction point another proposal of refinement is needed.

Best regards

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