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> Yeah, but in Australia they do not use "boutique" to refer to any shop
> neither. Still people think it should be removed for this reason.
> Tagging is done in British-English, if the word used in the tagging
> means something else in your language, too bad.

I personally totally disagree with this opinion. You are confusing
signifier and signified. We all use English (I would not say the British
one, as soccer is an existing value, despite football has been created in
UK) because it is the current lingua franca. But we cannot map the whole
world with tagging concepts related only to the UK context. We need to be
firstly generic.

You have to make sure that the editors have a proper translation for the
> tag in your
> language.
> Furthermore tagging is open. People should be able to use the word
> they feel describes the feature the best. Preferably they should
> document the value as good as possible. But there should not be a
> committee of X people saying, we do not understand the difference,
> let's get rid of it.
> regards
> m
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