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Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 16:20:29 UTC 2017

Thanks Joost, you probably explained better what I wanted to say.

As for your blob=26, this is exactly what Wikidata does. shop=boutique
is Q1068824 (see https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q1068824) and the label
is how such a shop is called in each language.

But I have the impression that the French label & description for this
shop is incorrect in Wikidata. When I read the Dutch and English
versions of Wikipedia linked by that Wikidata item, it's about
clothes, juwelry & luxury goods. That is missing from both the French
and English description. Probably the French label is wrong as well.


On Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 5:58 PM, joost schouppe
<joost.schouppe at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Tagging is done in British-English, if the word used in the tagging
>>> means something else in your language, too bad.
>> I personally totally disagree with this opinion. You are confusing
>> signifier and signified. We all use English (I would not say the British
>> one, as soccer is an existing value, despite football has been created in
>> UK) because it is the current lingua franca. But we cannot map the whole
>> world with tagging concepts related only to the UK context. We need to be
>> firstly generic.
> I'm sorry if this is completely missing the point of what you were trying to
> say. If so, please elaborate and ignore the following.
> That tagging is done in British-English is not an opinion, but a statement
> of fact. In the OSM universe, the signifier almost always tells something
> about the signified. And it does this based on the British-English
> definition of the concept. This can be quite confusing for people elsewhere.
> A naive approach would be to look at the tag amenity=cafe and thinking this
> applies to the things you call café in your own language. In Flemish Dutch
> however, you have to ignore the fact that "amenity=cafe" sounds a lot like
> café, because in our use of the word, it clearly means amenity=pub. This is
> the basic reason we have a wiki, and the reason why editors (especially
> those oriented to inexperienced mappers) have user interfaces where the tags
> are hidden behind localised descriptions.
> So in fact the relation between signifier and signified is not necesary at
> all. We could as well write blob=26, if we have user interfaces describing
> what that means. In some cases, mappers have stretched the meaning of tags
> in such a way that the original relation between signifier and signified has
> been largely lost. A good example would be village_green. But that is not
> necessarily a problem, as it is the wiki that explains what a thing is, and
> not just the tag.
> Of course nobody is saying we should only map things where a British-English
> word can be found.
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> Joost Schouppe
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