[Tagging] shop=fashion

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Wed Aug 30 19:06:33 UTC 2017

W dniu 30.08.2017 o 20:45, Marc Gemis pisze:
> I still have a bad feeling by this proposal. Some none experts do not 
> understand the difference and decide to change the tagging. Why not 
> asking owners of boutiques whether they see themselves as a sub 
> category? Or ask more people that frequently shop in boutiques.

For the same reason we don't ask anybody else - we want some universal, 
easy to describe and objective properties. It's sometimes painful and 
not intuitive process to define the "simple" things that "everybody 
knows", but it helps to limit the inevitable mess when dealing with the 
whole world.

> My feeling is that my wallet will know the difference between shop 
> clothes and boutique.

So maybe it's just "luxury" or "hand made" clothes (or both)?

> Shop boutique relates to shop clothes like restaurant relates to fast 
> food imho. So I hope your next project is to merge those two.

If you ask McDonald's, they use a "restaurant" label - so much for 
asking operators...

As far as I remember the operational definition we use is if you pay 
before (fast food) or after (restaurant). This is very clear and 
objective rule for me. I just miss something more general when you don't 
know about payment (amenity=food?), but with shop=clothes + subtags it 
will be easy (just skip the subtags you're not sure about).

"Probably it's an eternal problem - too many chiefs, too few Indians" [O. Muzalyev]

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