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marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 12:07:20 UTC 2017

Le 30. 08. 17 à 19:19, Daniel Koć a écrit :
> deprecate shop=fashion
I agree that shop=fashion is a "no meaning" tag

> shop=boutique as part of making things clear in this field.

for shop=boutique, I think you are wrong.
A shop=boutique (except from the translation+wiki being corrected)
is something totally different from a shop=clothes.
You can define the additional tags needed to have a shop=boutique 
(handmade, high range), but even so, in my opinion it is not
enough to move all shop=boutique to shop=clothes.
I think that shop=boutique must continue to exist

 > My feeling is that my wallet will know the difference
 > between shop clothes and boutique.
 > Shop boutique relates to shop clothes like restaurant
 > relates to fast food
I agree with that for shop=boutique

but can your wallet, your wife or a fashion addict explain
a difference between shop=fashion and shop=clothes
If all shop=fashion are also shop=clothes and vice versa,
perhaps the merger is usefull

 >> a member of
 >> https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haute_couture#Liste_des_membres
 >> or same for worldwide shop
 > Shop types are not members of anything like that

I think that in France, the term "haute couture" is protected,
in the same way that you can not claim to be an architect
without formalities in certain countries. I'll check that out.
Of course on a world level, it must be more flexible but there are
still some notions that makes that Wallmark had no shop=boutique 
department even if it creates a ray of high quality handmade

 > what about tagging exclusive/luxury goods? Do we need it?
all your additional tag are useull and I agree to create them.
but even so, I do not think shop=boutique must be depreciated

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