[Tagging] Fire hydrants vs suction_point

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 12:20:31 UTC 2017

Le 28. 08. 17 à 00:18, Viking a écrit :

About flow_rate and capacity. The number indicated on the hydrant
is IMHO a capacity, it is the maximum that the hydrant is able to do.
The flow rate will depend on the use. In this sense it comes closer
to capacity (like the maximum parking space) rather than the flow of
a river (average value, not the maximum "capacity" of a river).
But this detail of vocabulary may not be very important.

about "pond will be deprecated"
>> Currently a contributor can create a emergency=fire_hydrant.
>> It's right, it is usable if you don't care about pressure (for example if you have anyway 
>> a pump with you). Another day, another contributor will add additional information.
> And if we divide emergency=fire_hydrant from emergency=suction_point what changes? Nothing.
The big difference is if you don't have a pump, TODAY you can
avoid all hydrants that have no tag type/pressure/water_source.

Your proposal changes the current meaning since you want
that hydrant mean "always with pressure"

10% of hydrants in France don't have a type/pressure/water_source
tag and the current meaning is "maybe with pressure, maybe not"
a lot of them are classified as pressure=suction, the most common
value in France, this shows that this is a common case.
If you decide tomorrow to change their meaning, error rate
with "unknown pressure" will be significant. This is a regression.

I thing it is important :
- either to have a solution for those 10%
- either to remove the "meaning change" from the proposal
and talk this point separately to have a unanimous consensus
with the current proposal.
The sentence "pond will be deprecated" could be removed or change
to "fire_hydrant=pond is controversial, some believe it is needed
to not spit hydrant depending on the pressure, some believe
that it should be replaced by emergency=suction_point.
In both case, add water_source=pond."
What do you think of this ?

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