[Tagging] self-service laudry machines a camp and caravan sites

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Sat Feb 11 22:17:25 UTC 2017

I think the individual tags in the extended camping proposal covers this. 

If there is a coin-op machine or two for campers to use, then tag the amenity on the campground's node/polygon  - the suggested washing_machine=yes dryer=yes tags. 

If there is some other scheme for mapping the machines and their job, I should be updated (like how people use vending+object to map a lot of different things). 

If it is some shop/building that services the larger community or provides it to a larger set of people, tag it as a shop=laundry. 

I can't imagine it is good to tag an individual machine or an amenity of larger building as a shop. 

Most large apartment complexes in San Diego have a small coin-op washer-dryer room. I would _never_tag that as shop=* anything. It is not a shop. It is for residents only. It shouldn't be in the tag space for a laundromat, or a million wrong locations will pop up when searching. 

I think it is difficult to map an amenity of a place with the tags we would use for shops. 

There is a difference between a vending machine and a cafe - though both serve coffee. 

Both should be available for tagging. 


> On Feb 12, 2017, at 1:10 AM, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would like to get this discussion back to my original question. I used about 30 camp or caravan sites in the USA and most of them had self-service coin-operated washers and dryers.

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