[Tagging] Center turning lanes: centre_turn_lane=yes method vs. lanes:both_ways method

Albert Pundt roadsguy99 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 22:43:30 UTC 2017

To go along with my earlier question about "semi-divided" streets, what is
considered the best way to map center turning lanes? I know of the
centre_turn_lane=yes key, as well as lanes=3 used together with
lanes:both_ways=1 and turn:lanes:both_ways=left, but which of these two is
considered better or is simply used more? Additionally, are there any other
ways of doing it?

centre_turn_lane=yes seems more straightforward, but the lanes:both_ways
method offers a more detailed description of lane layout. I've seen both
used in the wild.

I just want the community's opinions before I choose a way of doing this.

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