[Tagging] landuse=industrial with industrial=port

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 15:17:12 UTC 2017

2017-02-22 15:01 GMT+01:00 Malcolm Herring <malcolm.herring at btinternet.com>:

> In general ports are not of singular usage. Some shipping services may
> terminate at a particular port, but others may not. There may also be
> differing service types carried on at one port.
> Therefore any attribute tags must allow for multiple values.

OK, I was not sure, so I will change the cargo port types to several cargo
handling capability tags (I had this already in mind, although the pictures
I had looked at seemed to refer to quite specialized facilities). Is this
applying to cruise ship / ferries as well? Are there fishing ports which
also have cruise ships or ferries leaving / arriving? I haven't seen this
so far, but my experiences with ports are somehow limited.

Maybe we could also have some capacity tags here? Like the maximum cargo /
passengers a port is able to handle in a given time?

Are there mixed cargo / passenger ports? Of course you might find them
close to each other, but wouldn't it make sense to map 2 ports in these
cases, one for cargo and one for passengers?


PS: can we please continue in the RFC thread of the proposal? Thank you.
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