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Here is a creek that has 2 sources ... and 4 ways all connected but 
flows are different.

Way: Reef Creek (476455207) flows south - source in the north - Drains 
into Paddys River
Way: Reef Creek (476456875) flows north - source in the south ... same 
source node as the way above!
  So the above ways meet on top of a rise and drain away from each 
other. I suspect that it is intermittent if not seasonal.

Way: Reef Creek (448289833) flows east .. source in the west

Way: Reef Creek (476455208) flows east .. source of this is confluence 
of two ways above - Way 448289833 and Way 476456875 - Drains into Paddys 

Give the flat terrain of central Australia I could believe that there is 
a creek with a flow and source would simply be where it is raining... 
where ever it rains the creek will flow away from the rain. I have not 
come across one ... but I'm not looking.

On 26-Feb-17 10:03 AM, Dave Swarthout wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> My intent was to have a starting place, a source, that was tagged in 
> such a way that a Nominatum search would be able to find it. In the 
> example I used, two named streams came together and at that point a 
> new name is used for the resultant waterway. I'm using the accepted 
> standard for geographic names in Alaska, the Dictionary of Alaska 
> Place Names to determine the location of the source. Here is the 
> beginning of the description for the Colville River:
> Colville River: stream, formed by Thunder and
> Storm Creeks in De Long Mts. at 68'49'20''
> N, 160°20'00" W; flows ENE 350 mi. to
> Harrison Bay, Arctic Plain; 70°27' N, 150°07'
> W;
> If a stream begins in a swamp, I would tag the first node where there 
> is a visible or obvious waterway or riverbank. I doubt I'll use this 
> tag that often and in some cases such as your example, will probably 
> not tag all the sources of a river having multiple sources. In my 
> experience, most rivers in Alaska and the United States, only have one 
> accepted source so your example won't affect my tagging very much.
> All the best,
> Dave
> On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 4:30 AM, St Niklaas <St.Niklaas at live.nl 
> <mailto:St.Niklaas at live.nl>> wrote:
>     Hi Dave,
>     Biking around in Europe, I visited several rivers up to the source.
>     Some do and some dont have a source or spring. The Scheld or
>     L´escaut does have a nominated place with a wall around it and yes
>     the water is coming out of the wall.
>     But what about a river originating from a bog or a basin, every
>     little flow ads water to a pond and thats the point where the
>     rivers starts flowing if theres a lot of water or too much.
>     Like the river Rhine its called to start at lake Toma, but that is
>     just the middel of a pond or a basin at the end of several slopes
>     and its named Vordere Rhine, the other main stream is called
>     Hintere Rhine and it starts in the middle of a valley, fed by
>     several straems flowing together fed by rain and snow. But there
>     are at least 11 rivers named '......' Rhine contributing to the
>     river Rhine all in the same mountain area.
>     On the other hand there are several streams without a name flowing
>     together and suddenly the stream gets or has a local name. There
>     also are a lot of rivers without a name sign but with a local
>     name, but are they without a local survey worth to add to OSM ?
>     For instance does every stream in the USA gets a '...' Creek
>     (name) I recon many but nor all of them.

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