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Thu Jan 5 21:42:58 UTC 2017

On 06-Jan-17 07:36 AM, Volker Schmidt wrote:
> Maybe landuse=logging is used to indicate a tree plantation for 
> logging as opposed to a forest where wood production is not the main 
> purpose.

If you look at the wiki page for it (created June 2016 so fairly recent) 

It may imply that logging is taking place, or has taken place .. it has 
sub tags of

  * logging
    - all trees in an area are uniformly cut down;
  * logging
    - only some trees in an area are cut down (for example, sanitation
  * logging:start_date
    - logging date (using the format yyyy-mm-dd).

I think this is not a tag nor a tagging scheme I would use - too time 
variable for me.

Possibly better to use a sub key under landuse=forest to indicate 
detailed use .. similar to landuse=orchard

produce=wood (pulp, lumber etc)


produce=oil (tee tree, eucalyptus ..)

produce=multi ... better to do comma separated variables ... e.g. 

To indicate current state?  then possibly activity?



But I think this is like mapping the activity in an orchard, vine_yard 
etc .. activity=harvest,activity=pruning, activity=planting etc ... very 
detailed and time variable. If people want to do that .. fine, not 
something I'd do nor propose.

I have not looked as yet at the places using this tag. The number of 
uses is high for a tag that has only been described on the wiki for some 
8 months ... suspicious?

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>     > What are your propositions to fix it?
>     keep "logging" as a key and change landuse=logging to forest
>     cheers,
>     Martin
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