[Tagging] Landuse=grass - boots on change to wiki

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Mon Jan 9 20:48:34 UTC 2017

On 09.01.2017 21:03, Warin wrote:
> On 09-Jan-17 08:16 PM, Volker Schmidt wrote:
>> Please remember that the wiki is intended to document what the common
>> use is, not what the common use should be.
>> If you want to change the common use please use the available
>> discussion channels before changing the wiki.
> Would you name these 'available discussion channels'?
> I believe this group is for the discussion of tags. And that is
> fundamentally what this is about - the meaning of a tag?

@Warin: Volker and myself were refering to your wiki edits, where you 
completely changed the definition of 2 million already tagged features.

Indeed this list is for tagging discussion, and a place for discussing 
such issues.

As others pointed out, a possible solution is to promote the use of 
landcover=*, and as landcover=grass is already used 6200 times, I had 
created a page documenting its use, earlier today.


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