[Tagging] What about a disused quarry and historic surface mining?

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On 09/01/2017 20:56, ksg wrote:
>> Am 09.01.2017 um 21:23 schrieb ael <law_ence.dev at ntlworld.com>:

>> It is perfectly clear in
>> the case of a disused quarry. It is still a quarry. But it is no longer
>> in use. In a few cases it may have a new purpose, but it is still a
>> quarry in any normal sense.
> No, if there there no more mining, exploitation or landfill activities, the former quarry is a geological outcrop at best.

FWIW, the OED definition is quite careful on this point:

quarry 1. a. A surface excavation from which stone for use in building 
and construction is or has been extracted by cutting, blasting, or other 
means; a place where the rock has been, or is being, removed to be used.


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