[Tagging] What about a disused quarry and historic surface mining?

Zecke zeck at saeuferleber.de
Tue Jan 10 09:47:51 UTC 2017

> Artificial rock faces in quarries and open pit mines, called berms, 
> are created due to blasting. The faces are typically inclined 60-70° 
> with drops of max. a few tenth of meters. This fundamental difference 
> might be best taken into account by using man_made=embankment for these.

I have to contradict in one point. I know of a lot of former and present 
quarries where the faces are inclined 90° and ten'ths of meters high. 
Maybe this is not so much the point for open pit mines. But tagging 
should be ready to cope with non-natural steep faces. I see no problem 
however in using some man_made key for this. "embankment" might be 
misleading, however. What about man_made=cliff for non-natural steep drops?

The renderer then could decide whether to choose differentiating 
drawing. (Most probably he won't do so).


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