[Tagging] Added tables for values to key produce

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 01:19:31 UTC 2017


Following on from landuse=grass .. I have been looking at appropriate 
tags for those areas used to actually produce grass ... or sod .. or 
turf as 2 other words.

 From the wiki I first got crop .. which suits. Further searching got 
produce which also suits. I then looked at the usage - crop wins, and 
then the values ...product looks much more diverse .. thinking abut it 
.. produce encompass crops. I think the reason why crops is winning over 
mappers is the wiki page documentation ..

So I have added 3 tables to the wiki produce page; aquaculture, farm and 

Some of these are present values from both produce and crop usage.

I have tried to organise the farm entries into major groups - flowers 
and beans all together for example. There may be others that can be 
usefully combined too.

See what you think ... these are all additions.


Changes to the produce page ...
Shop I have added the comment that these sell things .. they don't 
produce. They may sell farm produce .. but they still don't produce it 

I have also tried to make the difference between produce and product 
clearer .. though the division will all ways be a little fuzzy.


On 'my' 'grass' which is where I started .. with the assistance of the 
GB list, who should have some expertise with UK English, I have decided 
on 'turf' as the best value .. and to use it under the key 'produce' 
with landuse=farmland. This leaves the abused 'landuse=grass' alone .. I 
hope it gets deleted and the appropriate features get move over to 

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