[Tagging] Added tables for values to key produce

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 20:51:52 UTC 2017

Most of these values come from taginfo but in, I hope, a more organised form.

The exceptions?

Forestry - most of these are new additions - timber, oils and maple syrup. Cork was in taginfo and I had not thought of it, possibly it might be tagged an 'orchard'? Not checked.

This is a 'new' area for tagging forestry products. I have raised it here before and have included all that I recall from those discussions. I think it is fair enough?

Aquaculture ... May have added fish?

Farms ... added my grass - now turf.

Taginfo has over 30 pages if you look on produce.. some of these are simple variations through capitalisation, language, spaces and multiple values with a separator.

I have not as yet checked on product ... some of these might be 'produce' to my eyes.

While I agree that there should not be a proliferation of tags and values.. the mappers will use tags that are not documented particularly where there is no wiki guidance.

For example fish are entered as 'fresh water fish' and 'trout' ... 'my' wiki entry suggests/documents combining those into one value 'fish' and using a sub tag fish=trout for detail if desired. I think that is much more ordered that what was occurring.

So I have taken information from tagino ... and tried to rationalise it into a more compact form while not loosing information.
More rationalisation could be possible ...but it is outside my expertise and would need some research by myself for me to do it.
If anyone can see things that can logically be grouped together ... then do it, it should make the tagging easier for mappers and users.

I'll correct corn to maize, thanks Tom.

On 12-Jan-17 10:35 PM, Yves wrote:
> I think Warin has put there values from taginfo, right?
> Yves
> Le 12 janvier 2017 12:10:40 GMT+01:00, Tom Pfeifer 
> <t.pfeifer at computer.org> a écrit :
>     On 12.01.2017 02:19, Warin wrote:
>         So I have added 3 tables to the wiki produce page;
>         aquaculture, farm and forestry. 
>     I see no problem with defining these values.
>     (hm, corn is AmE and should be maize for clarity and BrE).
>     Question remains if there is a need to proactively add so many values to
>     the wiki before somebody has a need to use them. The wiki should not
>     become the yellow pages of everything produced on the planet. It should
>     be a reference what tags mean that are being used.
>     tom
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