[Tagging] Added tables for values to key produce

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 21:49:28 UTC 2017

On 13-Jan-17 08:11 AM, Philip Barnes wrote:
> The big problem with tagging which crops are grown in fields is that
> they are generally rotated, a field that grew wheat in 2016 will have
> something else in 2017. Crops are rotated to prevent disease, so it is
> tagging that will rapidly become stale.

Usually the rotation will be between a number of crops.
Similar to sports fields where cricket is played in summer and soccer in winter these can be dealt with by using a semicolon separator

Note mappers are already doing this with the produce tag.

> Best avoided IMHO.
> Just stick with farmland=arable.

Err landuse=farmland should do.

Some want to map more detail .. fine let them do it ... but in some way that makes sense, has some form of organisation.
That is all I'm trying to do here. I don't map to this detail either. But I do like correct, logical and organised tags and values.

Just put asparagus under vegetable rather than a separate tag.
Possibly grains too can be grouped together.

Changed rubber to latex... I'm certain there are more corrections/fine tuning to be done.

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