[Tagging] Exit list signs?

yo paseopor yopaseopor at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 23:32:01 UTC 2017

But you put these nodes for a way. A road traffic sign without a way is
also meaningless. So I have to mark in which direction will be showed of
the way the traffic sign is owned by. If you put a stop sign in a road with
oneway=no ...will stop the two directions at the same time at the same
place? Meaningless. Also it will be interesting to say in which side of the
road will be the traffic sign if I put it as a node in the way.

Also :forward and :backward scheme are used by ways so we can use the same
tags and propierties talking about the same things (traffic signs informs
you about things will happen in the way you are driving - in the way you
are mapping)

Cheers (salut i senyals)
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