[Tagging] Non-geometrical ways in boundary relations

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Thu Jan 26 12:23:32 UTC 2017

Colin, there is a separate discussion on the wiki page about multiple 
admin centres, as you said below. It is a valid point, but IMHO a 
separate issue from technically tagging the admin_centre role on a way.

On 26.01.2017 13:02, Colin Smale wrote:
> Tom, I think we need to have consensus about what we mean by admin
> centre. The traditional "town hall" is frequently no longer the central
> office location where the administrative and/or customer-facing staff
> are located, and indeedn, these functions may be distributed over
> multiple locations. How are we to choose which is to be the admin
> centre? Or shall we add all the locations? In that case, I think we will
> need a mechanism to indicate which is the primary location - maybe the
> advertised address for postal purposes from the website? Or the
> statutory seat?
> In the UK it is mostly linked to a place node, which indicates the
> city/town/village but not down to the level of a building. We should be
> able to do geometric searches for civic administration buildings in the
> area (given appropriate tagging). But watch out for councils whose seat
> is not within their own area, such as Surrey County Council in the UK.
> Their County Hall is in Kingston-upon-Thames, which is now in London (it
> was once in Surrey but the boundary was changed).

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