[Tagging] fire hydrants

Viking viking81 at tin.it
Wed Jul 5 18:06:45 UTC 2017

> * Can I or would you add an example subsection with pictures giving at least the different situations depicted with fire_hydrant:type key ?

Of course you can, Francois: any contriubution is welcome.

> With fire_hydrant:couplings, you have to guess what this means.
> Without reading the wiki, somebody can tag fire_hydrant:couplings=yes or
> fire_hydrant:couplings=2 for exemple.
> Sata will be of lower quality
> if you want to avoid a generic subname :type, I think that should be fire_hydrant:couplings_type the same with for fire_hydrant:couplings_size

What do other mappers think about this? Is fire_hydrant:couplings_type or fire_hydrant:couplings:type better? And the same question for size.


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