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Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Mon Jul 10 21:42:23 UTC 2017


I have a small dispute with user flierfy about the usage of
highspeed=yes and would like to ask for your opinions. [1]

I think that highspeed=yes should only be use that tracks whose speed
limit is above a certain minimum speed (On The Ground Rule). The speed
might vary between countries.

flierfy thinks that the whole railway line should be tagged from its
beginning to its end if it contains one part which qualifies for

The railway line from Leipzig to Dresden clearly qualifies [2] for
highspeed=yes between km 4.0 (near Leizig-Sellershausen) to km 23.8
(near Bennewitz) and from ~ 30.2 (between Wurzen and K├╝hren) to 59.6
(between Bornitz bei Oschatz and Riesa). Only on these two sections
trains may run faster than 160 kph (limit is 200 kph there). Other
sections have speed limits between 100 kph and 160 kph. Flierfy tagged
the whole line with highspeed=yes.

The high speed line might be completed on one day in future but it will
takes years, many years.

The wiki pages Key:highspeed, DE:Key:highspeed and
OpenRailwayMap/Tagging at OSM wiki do not mention whether the tag should
be used for the whole line or only for the parts whose speed limit is
"high". In difference, DE:OpenRailwayMap/Tagging has contained the
additional sentence that the whole line should get highspeed=yes. That
sentence was added by user rurseekatze on 2015-12-29 [3]. I don't
remember a discussion about it on a mailing list. Fliefy refers in the
changeset discussion between us to DE:OpenRailwayMap/Tagging.

The definition of this tag was discussed on a meeting of railway mappers
in Cologne in July 2014 but we did not find any consensus there and left
it unmodified.

In March 2015 a mapper attempted to add highspeed=yes to the Northeast
Corridor from Washington to Boston. After 25 comments in the changeset
discussion the tag was removed.

The main question is:
Shold the whole line (the definition of "line" is a different discussion
worth) get highspeed=yes or only the parts which are suitable for high
speeds due to large curve radius, special signalling and train
protection etc.? What is your opinion?

Best regards


PS I invited fliefy to join this mailing list on Friday and waited with
posting my question until today to be fair.

[1] changeset discussion in German (just for reference):
[2] assuming that high speed in Germany means 200 kph or faster. Other
countries might have other limits.

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