[Tagging] Formally informal sidewalks

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 11:36:50 UTC 2017

>>> A street with a sidewalk on either side but no marked crossings:
>> These are (IMHO) mapping errors. You can't draw isolated footway islands and
>> expect a router to magically understand those are sidewalks which you can
>> cross without a connection.
> It is not uncommon to have such a network of sidewalks without
> "zebra"-crossings.
> People are allowed to cross everywhere then.
if you can cross everywhere, sidewalks are not separated but are part of 
the road (like a lane)
I tag : highway=residential + sidewalk=both without any separated 
sidewalk path
I think that your sidewalk must be review :
keep isolated sidewalk as there are right now.
but merge sidewalk with the road where the is no space/barier between them.

 > There isn't even always a lowered kerb for people in wheelchairs. If
 > the are lucky, they can use the connection of a driveway with the
 > street, as those usually have a lowered kerb.
For wheelchairs routing, I put kerb=raised on the highway and a 
highway=crossing crossing=unmarked kerb=lowered where wheelchairs can cross.


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