[Tagging] metal bladed windmills for water pumps

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On 13-Jun-17 08:35 PM, John Willis wrote:
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>> Those windpumps seem completely traditional as well.
> Tldr:
> - windpump: is a small mass-produced (usually metal) fan disc, gearbox, and scaffold. They follow the wind via a vane on the back. It is a man-made tower.
> - windmill: a building with a large (usually 4 blade) fan disc on the top, which operates some kind of machinery in the bottom of the structure. They have to manually be turned to follow the wind (if they can turn at all). It is a building.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~
> "Windpumps" are mass produced (usually metal) erections that have a 2-4m  multi-blade (10+) metal (or wood) fan disc that turns a gearbox suited for pumping water, usually through a shaft that extends down from the gearbox through an open lattice tower to the ground. These are a product of the industrial revolution or later.

If you followed the history link I gave above you get/They can be traced back to the year 644 in Persia/.
Bit before the industrial revolution.
So they are 'traditional' .. but who's tradition? Does not matter really. One word on a wiki page does not make a 'rule', the wiki is a guide.
Looking on taginfo there are quite a lot of these 'windmill' tag/values outside of Europe,
quite a few of these I would think are OSM windpumps, but locally called windmills.
Hence my question. Use of the tag/value windpump will need to be made plain in those parts of the world where windmill is the common term
(Australia, New Zealand, USA and possibly the Middle East and Africa).
In the case of Australia there are some 50 mapped uses, few of these match precisely the OSM windmill
(2 I think at this stage, there are other OSM windmills that are not mapped .. ~10? in total)
most of these presently mapped windmills are OSM windpumps. There are a lot more that are unmapped in OSM, some are disused.
Some are tourist attractions, some are in open air museums.

Some have been replaced with solar pumps - much cheaper.
Perhaps these will be tagged man_made=solarpump ... not very significant for navigation, might be significant in an emergency.

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