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Viking viking81 at tin.it
Thu Jun 15 14:02:23 UTC 2017

Ok Robert, I think that if in Austria firemen use letters for diameters, we should allow letters in OSM too.
By the way, do you think that in an hydrant all couplings follow the same standard (UNI, or Storz, or...)? I mean in fire_hydrant:coupling_type is a single value enough to describe all couplings? I know that in Italy the answer is yes, but I don't know it in other countries.
If a single values is enough also for other countries, we can go on with fire_hydrant:coupling_type and  fire_hydrant:couplings. Otherwise we should indicate the type of each coupling. I mean if hypothetically there was an hydrant with one UNI 70 coupling and two Storz C couplings, we should use something like:

In any case we should write on the wiki a list of accepted values for fire_hydrant:coupling_type and fire_hydrant:couplings. A good idea would be a table with country specific common values.
For example for Italy:
tag: fire_hydrant:coupling_type
standard value: UNI
tag: fire_hydrant:couplings
standard values: 45, 70, 100

About the wrench, Richard, we could create the subtag  fire_hydrant:wrench. In Italy we have standard pentagonal or square wrench. What would you insert in this tag? Type and size of the wrench? Something like:
Or, like couplings, create fire_hydrant:wrench_type and fire_hydrant:wrench_size?

Best regards,

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