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Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
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On 6/15/17 10:02 AM, Viking wrote:
> About the wrench, Richard, we could create the subtag  fire_hydrant:wrench. In Italy we have standard pentagonal or square wrench. What would you insert in this tag? Type and size of the wrench? Something like:
> fire_hydrant:wrench=square30
> Or, like couplings, create fire_hydrant:wrench_type and fire_hydrant:wrench_size?
the physical characteristic of the hydrant is the nut/bolt head, not the

square, triangular and pentagonal seem to be the three that are out there.
i'm not sure the size is that important, the wrenches in use seem to be

other tagging notes while we're at it:

i have been using a few other tags in the capital district of new york.

i separate out pond because water source is really a different thing
than the type of hydrant; i've seen dry_barrel pillar hydrants used
with a pond water source. and i generally distinguish between the two
major variations of the pillar hydrant.



if a locality is using the NFPA paint scheme it's possible to discern
the class of hydrant from the color of the caps. in the US an AA hydrant
has been flow tested and shown to have a very high flow rate. A, B & C are
successively weaker hydrants. firemen have been known to ignore C hydrants
and go find better ones to hook up to.


out of service hydrants are supposed to clearly marked, either with
a tag on the outlets, or by covering them with a bag:


the colors of the bonnet (top) and caps on the outlets may or may not
convey useful information. depends entirely on the jurisdiction.



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