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I believe that too many people are confusing the landuse=residential with the boundary=* tags. There should not be any area names, hamlet names, community names attached to a landuse tag. The landuse tag is to indicate the use of the land (residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, educational).

A place=* does not just consist of a small built up area with it’s church, shop and community centre, it usually includes a certain amount of greenbelt and rural area surrounding that as well.

If there is a town, village, hamlet, or rural authority then that has a separate boundary to the landuse and can have multiple landuses within that boundary. There are more than enough different levels (12) of boundary=administrative to accommodate or be adapted to fit most instances. If not then there is boundary=user_defined.  That is the where the place and name tags should be applied and discussion should be concentrated, not on the landuse=residential.

I hope that I have helped rather than confused this conversation.
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