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> For example where pylons cross farmland

I use “tower” because that is the tag:


I know there re many situations where the tower base is wide and tall and and just sits on the land, not disturbing it. I have driven along 395 in the high desert, along the power pylons going to Los Angeles. The power poles and various pylons seem just stuck onto the desert next to a track. 


I now live north of Tokyo, and it is a forest of pylons going to it. 


You can see the Tokyo SkyTree 100km away in this very narrow view of north Tokyo from the north. The large power towers cross the mid-ground.  Out of frame to the right, these towers merge with a long chain of similar 20 story tall power towers coming from behind me going to east Tokyo. 
These are the largest power towers I have ever seen. 

The three closest to my house :


- Have solid concrete bases covering he entire area 

- have a barbwire topped fence around the base

Now, I know that is not always the case. 

There are many towers, large and small, that cross farmland: 

Here is the red-white one in that picture: 

Here is a larger one I mapped recently:

And another: 

They don’t have a fence nor a 100% concrete base, but the land is still not used for farming because the water from the rice paddy might damage the footings AFAIK. The farmers use the base as a place to throw rocks they find in their field. 

Even when mapping in the US, the landuse might be useful. these 2 “tower-poles” (they are huge steel poles) sit on a small landuse with its own driveway from the road. The deviation of the fence easily shows that there is land dedicated just to them. It may be only 5x10m, but that is still a mappable landuse. 


I think there is a use-case for landuse=power where it is dedicated land for passive man-made power features (transmission and non-plant generation), like most of the larger towers I am mapping. 

I think this is an easily defined and easily mappable feature, but not one that is necessary in many situations - but is useful in some situations to mappers everywhere. 

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