[Tagging] Invalid voting of proposed feature motorcycle_friendly=*

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On 03-Mar-17 09:21 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
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>             While it's ok to overlook minor "rule violations"
>             sometimes, things like not announcing the vote do clearly
>             have a big impact on the outcome. It's obvious to me that
>             the vote is invalid and needs to be repeated.
>         +1
>     >From reading the few comments on the wiki discussion page ...
>     It looks like this should be a property tag of "friendly:*=yes/no"
>     Where * could be motorcycle, hiking, bicycle etc.
>     Should I start a proposal along these lines?
>     There are presently <100 motorcycle_friendly occurrences in the
>     data base so replacing them would not be too much work.
> This seems a tad on the subjective side rather than objective, and 
> probably dependent on one's skill at navigating with the mode at hand...

One can make it objective. e.g.

=== Hiking ===
A hiker may arrive dirty, wet and tired. They appreciate somewhere to 
sit while they can see their backpack and clothing while eating in a cafe.
They may also appreciate being able to fill their water bottle before 
At a lodging they may appreciate a drying room where their tent and 
cloths can be dried.

These are 'little things' that assist to make the trip just that much 
Some make an effort to find out what is desired too

Would I use friendly:*=no ... yes. There is one pub/fuel stop in 
Australia that is 'out of fuel' for motorcyclists ... but has it for cars.
Definitely friendly:motorcycle=no! Very usefull to know that a 
motorcycle needs enough fuel to get to the next fuel stop!

It is hard to asses the 'friendliness' of a feature for an activity 
unless you are engaged in it.
However, for some (like me), it is also hard to asses a species of tree.

Bottom line: You if you cannot asses a tag don't use it.

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