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> > you're probably more than 10 years late with that and there had
> > been many to suggest great new database schemata, great to
> > evaluate tagging methods and what not. The success of OSM is (in
> > part) based on the concept of "the simplest thing that could
> > possibly work".
> Despite your nagging, it does not hurt to /re/search and reevaluate
> design decissions made. Loosing the ability to question them, being
> rigid with what you got is OSMs ticket to irrelevance. In part it
> has also been flexibility of the community that made some of OSM
> successful (not everything about it is).

Case in point, the lane tagging scheme, which I've started to include
bicycle lanes and generally encourage others do as well, as leaving this
information out has a negative usability impact on data consumers and the
people using those data consumers where there are multiple bicycle lanes,
bicycle lanes in unusual formations, or pretty much any configuration where
there isn't one bicycle lane curb adjacent.  This is becoming more common
as configurations like DC's Penn Avenue, Portland's Hawthorne Bridge
approaches, buffered bicycle tracks flowing two ways on the same street
open only to one way vehicles, etc become more commonplace.
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