[Tagging] EuroVelo tagging

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Mar 7 12:44:39 UTC 2017

Volker Schmidt wrote:
> As EV routes are not managed as single entities, every route is split in
> pieces managed on a country basis. I know the situation in Italy, as I am
> involved in regional and national cycle routes here. EV routes are handled
> by BicItalia which is part of FIAB, the "Italian Federation of Friends of
> the Bicycle". All EV routes all have also BicItalia numbering (BicItalia
> routes are ncn), but it is not necessarily the case that the Italian part
> of a given EV corresponds one-to-one to a BicItalia route. So it makes
> sense to tag the individual EV routes in one country as one icn and to tie
> these icn routes in the different countries together by a super relation.
> This means that any BI route that is also part of an EV is part of at least
> to bicycle route relations (it typically is also part of lower level routes.

and Warin wrote:
> My thoughts on the EV ... following my thinking on the above are;
> Have 2 relations ... on on the EV, the other on the other entity (e.g.
> BicItalia).

Agreed - I think this is the most sensible approach and it accords with 
most current practice. I'll add some text to the EuroVelo wiki page 

Jo wrote:
> It ought to be possible to use hierarchy in those relations. That way you
> would map them at the national level and group them for the international
> level.

It's a seductive idea, but the problem with this is that the routes 
aren't always strictly hierarchical. For example, EuroVelo 1 in Britain 
uses parts of NCN 7 and NCN 73, but not all of them. So to do a 
hierarchical approach you would need "NCN 7 part one" in "EV 1 
super-relation" and "NCN 7 super-relation", "NCN 7 part two" in "NCN 7 
super-relation" only, and so on. This could get very complex very 
quickly - some parts of NCN 27 are in EV 1, some are in the Tour de 
Manche Anglo-French route, some are in the Dartmoor Way: the 90-mile 
route would need to be split at least four ways. I suspect it'd become 
exceptionally fragile and liable to be broken, and my main concern with 
getting the EuroVelo tagging confirmed is to make sure that there's an 
unambiguous reference so well-meaning newbies are less likely to break it.


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