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Micah Cochran mcochran at athensal.us
Fri Mar 10 20:43:48 UTC 2017

I am looking to improve tagging of toilets.  Specifically, I'm interested
in tagging gender neutral toilets (unisex or "family toilets") and
single-stall toilets.

I'm using establishment  to mean any place that would be tagged that would
have a public toilet within the place and that you would not create a
separate node/area amenity=toilet.  So, public toilets in an
amenity=restaurant or a shop=department_store, etc.

I'm interesting in gather a little more information for toilets within an

===  Here are some deficiencies that I see with current toilet tagging
scheme  ===

#1. toilets: namespace for establishments
#2. Single-stall versus Multi-stall tagging
#3. A way to tag the toilets male/female/unisex within an establishment.
#4. Wiki page amenity=toilets could use some example tagging.

=====  Proposed ways to address those deficiencies  =====

#1. toilets: namespace
There could be a default toilets: namespace for when tagged within a
place/establishment.    This would allow for tagging a richer level of
toilet information.

If it makes sense to tag or not, would be left up to the mapper.

There might be a few places that this would have to be smoothed over to
make this work.  (Example: indoor=yes doesn't necessarily make sense.)

Note: The amenity=toilets page does mention the toilets: namespace, but my
understanding is this namespace only applies to very few of the tags.

#2. Single-stall versus Multi-stall tagging

Is the toilet room itself intended to be used by a single person
(single-stall) at a time or by multiple people (multi-stall)?

Is "stall" the term used in British English for that arrangement of
toilets?  Is there better term?  (Alternatively: Single-occupant /
Multi-occupant could be workable.)

Assume that male/female/unisex are all the same.  This could also be an
instance that you are tagging a single restroom area.

This specifies male/female/unisex for that arrangement

For example, Target department stores might be tagged this way for male and
female multi-stall toilets and a single-stall unisex toilets:

If you have both single-stall and multi-stall restrooms for male/female
(note semi-colon separated for toilet:stall tag) :

toilets:stall tag should work for amenity=toilets and toilets within an

#3.  A way to tag the toilets male/female/unisex within an establishment.

This a specific instance of #1 :toilets namespace.  (Just in case, #1 has

This is to tag the male/female/unisex of provided restrooms.

male/female tag is used for access to an establishment.  So a men's social
club might use the tag male=yes.  There seem to be some facilities that
have days only for males and other days only for females.


If toilets:male=yes it should imply toilets:female=no and
toilets:unisex=no. This is the same behavior as the male=* access tag.

#4. Wiki page amenity=toilets could use some example tagging.
The existing pictures could be used as examples with tags.  Other examples
could be added.

Note: I've seen some other issues regarding toilet tags, but I don't have
the motivation to tackle those.

Any feedback will be helpful and I will use it to inform writing a proposal.

Thank you for your help,

*Micah Cochran*

GIS Coordinator  -  City of Athens  -  Engineering Services & Community
Development Dept.  -  Dept. of Public Works Building  -  1600 ELM ST W,
Athens, AL <http://g.co/maps/ncrp7> - geo:34.820608,-86.991474 -  p.
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