[Tagging] Day/night speed limits

Gsc gscscnd at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 16:50:20 UTC 2017


In Poland, in urban areas, we use maxspeed=50 with
maxspeed:conditional=60 @ 23:00-05:00 (53628 occurrences). So probably
you should tag it using both maxspeed (45 mph) and maxspeed:conditional
(40 mph @ dusk-dawn).

W dniu 13.03.2017, pon o godzinie 09∶40 -0700, użytkownik Tod Fitch
> Based on the conditional restrictions pages on the wiki, I think it
> might be tagged as:
> "maxspeed:conditional”="45 mph at dawn-dusk;40 mph at dusk-dawn> 
> Is this correct? (I seem to have a comprehension issue with the
> conditional tagging syntax).
> Thanks!

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