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> I've seen this list run on and on with discussions about how to tag wastebins and such but for this one, an arguably important future tagging construct, hardly a ripple. And members who are usually so vocal about tagging issues are strangely quiet.  Martin? Warin? John? Marc? What's up?

I don't see a big difference between growing grass and growing marijuana, similarly corn. At least if it's grown outdoors without the help of artificial lighting.
Have a look at the key crop: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:crop
Well, besides that it is quite rare, mostly illegal with the exception of some fields operated for the pharmaceutical industry (the high THC concentration one). Then there's also kind of a comeback of hemp for fibre production (low THC concentration, legal in the EU).

Vertical farming sounds interesting, but isn't something I've yet seen in the real. There have been some projects in Europe as well, but AFAIK have not been realized, see e.g. this one by dutch architects MVRDV:

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