[Tagging] The direction=* tag

Zecke zecke at historic.place
Thu Mar 16 08:03:12 UTC 2017

Am 16.03.2017 05:13, schrieb Tod Fitch:
> It seems to me that the first and the third definitions should be 
> split into separate tags with the second definition deprecated.
I agree that this situation is suboptimal. The second meaning has 
nothing to do with a direction but with a sense of rotation. So, I agree 
it should be dropped first, if any.

> Since the “forward” and “backward” values are most used, it may be 
> reasonable to keep the third definition of that tag even though it is 
> inconsistent with “traffic_signals:direction”.
I don't agree. The uses of direction for forward/backward are in the 
same magnitude of order as for compass directions. A factor of 2 is not 
relevant. Both uses have their tradition and they are not likely to be 
mixed. The compass thing has more of an absolute direction than the 
forward/backward one, as it only specifies a binary feature relative to 
another oriented feature.

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