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Unified tag system (iD, JOSM) + suggestions + sharing translations  +
unified metadata  ==   imho :  one of key problems,  but not so easy to

Some related projects :

#1. Unified Preset Management System ( Google Summer of Code/2017/Project
Ideas )


#2. iD Editor has a synonyms for searching for the preset (
https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/tree/master/data/presets )
    like searching any of  ["elderly",         "living",         "nursing",
   "old",   "senior"]  ->  "Nursing Home"
   "tags": {
        "amenity": "social_facility",
        "social_facility": "nursing_home",
        "social_facility:for": "senior"


#3 (iD) Name Suggestion Index
 and my favorite issues:
 -   https://github.com/osmlab/name-suggestion-index/issues/11
 ( Localization of name suggestion )
 -   https://github.com/osmlab/name-suggestion-index/issues/38  (
wikidata, McDonald's vs. Мекдоналдс, wikidata property (P1282)  )
imho:  the machine learning techniques to make suggestions - can be used
here ..

#4 https://github.com/geometalab/OSMTagFinder
   "A search engine for OpenStreetMap tags. It uses TagInfo, translation
services (german to english), thesaurs and an adapted domain-specific
semantic net."

> There should be a way for community to suggest tag replacements.

iD Editor has  deprecated.json metadata :
 ( "amenity=firepit"  -> "leisure=firepit")
maybe JOSM has a similar metadata.

2017-03-16 1:57 GMT+01:00 Yuri Astrakhan <yuriastrakhan at gmail.com>:

> TLDR: Proposing several technologies to organize tags and help new users.
> With the rapid community growth, the same concepts tend to be described in
> more and more ways (tags/values), making the data maintenance and
> consumption increasingly difficult. taginfo site is an amazing effort to
> bring order to this space, and I would like to discuss what we can do to
> systematically improve it even further.
> == Suggestions ==
> In addition to presets, I think there should be an suggester service.
> JOSM, iD and other programs can use it to offer a list of suggested
> tags/values when editing, and to highlight those tags/values that appear
> significantly out of place.
> The suggested list should be the result of a complex search based on the
> position, size, type, and all other tags and their values present on the
> given object.  We may even want to use machine learning techniques to make
> suggestions.  I am exploring if ElasticSearch can help (disclaimer: I work
> @ Elastic).
> == Precise Meaning ==
> Whenever someone enters a tag=value pair, they have a very specific
> meaning in mind. If that meaning is misunderstood by other mappers or data
> consumers, that tag causes more damage than no tag - it's misleading. At
> the same time, we do not want to limit new meanings from being added to
> OSM.  I think there should be a minor hinderance when adding a new tag or
> value (for enum-style tags). Whenever user tries to add a new tag, they
> should be shown a popup to provide a brief description of the new tag, and
> explain how it differs from the existing tags. The popup may also suggest
> existing tags based on the description (similar to how stackoverflow shows
> existing questions when user is typing a new one).
> This system should be enabled for tags and for "enum-like" values (tags
> like "name" clearly should not cause a popup, whereas unusual value for
> "boundary" tag should show a popup).
> == Cleanup suggestions ==
> There should be a way for community to suggest tag replacements. For
> example, while browsing taginfo, I saw religion=catholic and religion=
> católico, and I can suggest that it should be replaced with
> religion=christian & denomination=catholic.  Afterwards, a site
> like MapRoulette could allow users to quickly check that replacements
> actually makes sense for each object, and accept or reject it.
> Thoughts?
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