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Fri Mar 17 21:47:32 UTC 2017

I don't agree with this: marking the direction of the traffic sign is not
noise, for a driver can be VITAL, also with the meaning of the traffic sign
(the main purpose of a traffic sign).
Why? Because in a way with two directions we need to know to what direction
traffic sign it is for. It is not the same a road cross with an STOP
forward than backward (with micromapping it is not the same one lamp than
Put a key like direction is not the best option, because this information
can be inside the key itself like traffic_sign:forward or
Also it is a good thing to say of what side of the way the traffic sign is.
In some countries traffic sign of a side is not the same as the other side
specially in streets in a city.


Ok, OSMR do not use that...but other tools uses this information so it is
important to keep it at the data.
In a short-term, people like Mapillary or OSC will give us the opportunity
(and the data) to map all the traffic signs in a way. Routers and
navigation apps should be prepared for that. OSM is nowadays capable of
show all this information. Don't make it disappear.

Salut i mapes (Health and maps)
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