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> Hi,
> I put stops, give ways and traffic light where the car has to stop/yield
> which can be far from the position of the sign (for instance in the US
> where the light is after the junction, thus may not be crossed if you
> turn). Also on narrow junction you may have the lights at the junction but
> the stop line some meters before to let buses make there turn.
> To match all use cases a new scheme has to consider the tagging of both
> stop/yield positions on the road and position of the sign/light (like for
> bus stops). One may think of relations as one explicit way of linking all
> those informations (like restricted turns). Any algorithm which try to
> deduce a position on a road from a position sign will be buggy at some
> points and greedy.

It is possible to tag lines. Road marks are also traffic signs (things we
call traffic signs are VERTICAL traffic signs, road marks are HORIZONTAL
traffic signs).

In a lot of countries road marks have their own traffic sign code so we can
use the down value of side key (to know in which side of the street is or
if it is like a vertical motorway panel) to map road marks.

e.g., As you can read on Norway traffic law [1]


will be the road mark for give way

> Then we have to consider that at some junctions the direction/orientation
> of 1. The way 2. The stop/yield line (if any) and 3. The sign/light may be
> three different values!

Exact position...is exact position, with aerial imagery you can know where
it is road marks. 1 is given by the subkey :forward :backward in relation
to the way.2 can be a node with the traffic sign 3 can be another node with
the road mark code.

Salut i marques vials (Health and road marks)

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