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> By contrast, traffic signs are inherently directional. Without a direction
> indication, we really have no way of conveying "traffic on the side
> street has to come to a stop/give way here; traffic on the main street
> can proceed relatively unhindered." There isn't quite a universal
> consensus on how to convey that information.
What appears to be most popular, as you have observed, is to place the stop
> or give_way
> near, not upon, the intersection, as a node on the way that it applies to,
> and apply a direction=* tag to indicate the direction of traffic flow
> that will be facing the sign.

The difficulties I have found doing as you say are two:

1-with :forward :backward scheme you are aproaching at others that affects
to the way: maxspeed,overtaking. Using good subkeys you are saving one
innecesary key (direction) thus forward and backward are...directions.
2-putting the node at the side visually is more realistic...but it is so
unuseful as be a independent node, so it is better to put it IN the way and
mark its position with subkeys or other tags as side relatives to this way
the node is in.

> I don't think with the present state of data consumers, that there is
> necessarily a "right way" to do this. Ultimately, it will be the data
> consumers that will decide what the "right way" is: tag your
> STOP and YIELD signs correctly, and the applications will warn
> drivers; tag them wrong, and they won't.

I know traffic signs were not an important thing in OSM. In 2013 when I
have started to think about it and move me to do something about that there
was only a plug-in for JOSM. And then, when you opened that plug-in you can
saw 4 country presets with about 30 traffic signs-per-country. Putting
inside the plug-in the +300 Spanish traffic signs was a curious thing.
Making a style that show all the traffic signs and not only Maxspeed was
Thinking about all the rest of the European Countries was logical (why
Spanish and not the other European traffic signs...or the world traffic

We are not in 2013. Nowadays is 2017.
In this years we saw a project called Mapillary that had a traffic sign
editor and automated recognition for 40 countries. We saw other project
called OpenStreetCam with automated recognition and a editor for
destination signs (internally yet).
We know these projects are around other big names like Toyota, Telenav. We
know the strategy of the big one Google: Street View exists to give data to
their automated cars, Google Captchas now are from traffic signs
In this scenario we start to have some governments give us the permission
and the data to put traffic signs into the map.
So, for a important thing in the "future maps" (traffic signs) we have
three different sources (Mapillary, OSC and Governments)
Presets, styles, all this stuff will reach the most populated countries of
the World soon or later. You will have some tools to do this job...for all
main countries. OSMAnd does not understand stops? no problem, there will be
an app that understand and warning you about ALL the traffic signs (this
will happen soon or later).
OSM is capable of have this data inside it. We have to propose a rich
scheme with all the possibilities and make it work. I have proposed one but
I hope there will be others and better or make better the one I have
proposed. Then other apps will join us because people and data are ready.
Are we ready? Is OSM ready? I think so.

Salut i estiguem preparats (Health and Get Ready)
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