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Why long names appear on Starbucks stores in Japan when seen on Google Maps
is that the data there is from a third-party map provider, i.e. ZENRIN.
Google discourages such locators as messy, like what you stated, and
descriptive, but they kept the data from ZENRIN as they are on the
original, though the map data may conflict with Google Maps POI naming

Apple Maps seem to use ZENRIN map data for Japan, but they cleaned up chain
store POI names, shortening them to the brand name only . That will be good
practice on mapping, to better use the short name or brand of a chain of
stores instead of the long name, that the companies use.

Going back to the problem with mapping Starbuck stores in OpenStreetMap, I
agree, and the point here is selecting the name on a case-by-case basis,
that is, choosing between the name on the signage or the name used by most
people. Starbucks stores may mostly use "Starbucks Coffee" on outdoor
signage, but people will rather call it "Starbucks", and the prevailing
local/colloquial name will be more preferred, if people will search the map
using the prevailing local term.

"official_name" will be mostly the legal name of the store owner or the
legal name of the operator/franchisee, but I am not certain if long names
including store locators may fit. And the wiki documentation does not
explicitly state where "official_name" applies, so, discussing what names
can be tagged with that tag may be necessary, but on a new thread at the
tagging email list, as that is off topic.

"brand" will be the brand the store owner uses, and it may overlap with the
name, if that is the name used on signs also.

On Mar 21, 2017 5:39 AM, "John Willis" <johnw at mac.com> wrote:

On Mar 21, 2017, at 5:42 AM, Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at rushpost.com> wrote:

I'm all for "Starbucks" in the same vein that we tag "Chipotle" not
"Chipotle Mexican Grill".


I am not sure how "brand" and "official_name" work into it, but usually the
store's name is not just "Starbucks coffee" - it usually has the place it
is part of in it's title - Starbucks [town] [mall] - in my area it would be
"Starbucks Power Mall Maebashi Minami". That is what it says it he name of
the store is on their store locator, and that naming information gets
passed down to the search and mapping sites.


=> "Power Mall Maebashi Minami [location]"

I usually put that into "official_name:en=" and put "Starbucks" into the

But I do know there is also the "brand" tag to help deal with places (like
chains) that are signed the same. Perhaps the answer lies in that
combination - but I am unsure of how it works.

Apple Maps uses short "brand" names and sticks with "Starbucks", while
Google Maps lists out the gigantic names for every single shop, so Japanese
Google Maps POI pins at a mall are super-messy and unreadable.


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