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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 11:38:18 UTC 2017

2017-03-20 19:23 GMT+01:00 yo paseopor <yopaseopor at gmail.com>:

> whether the node is independent or part of one or more ways depends on the
>> situation and mapper. Even if the node is now part of just one way, in the
>> future this might change and it can become member of more ways (e.g. if the
>> way it is on is split at the node of the stop sign or if another way is
>> connected to the stop sign).
> No, nodes for traffic signs has to be of one way.

no, it hasn't to be, and I for instance have never ever added a single
traffic sign on a highway. Take traffic_sign=city_limit. You will have to
split the highway at this position (because it is the point where the
settlement legally begins, i.e. typically different maxspeed). If you place
the traffic_sign=city_limit at the side of the road, every mapper will be
able to understand it, if you place it on the road it will be unclear where
outside and inside of the settlement is. And even with "direction"
referring to a different way it will always be unclear, to which way it
refers (because the signs would explicitly be on the endpoints of at least
2 ways, if mapped on the road, as explained above).

> All features of OSM has a good way or good practise to map it, we have to
> decide which one is the most useful , simple, easy and complete.

+1. Part of this is understanding that even if there are tens of thousands
of instances of something, and it is demonstrated it doesn't work, that
people have the flexibility to change to something better, easy, simple,
complete and working.

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