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El 1/11/2017 9:08, "Michal Fabík" <michal.fabik at gmail.com> escribió:

On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 10:29 PM, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
> possibly something like 'motor_vehicle:conditional=winter_equipment @
> winter'

Technically, this looks fine, but is it really necessary to specify
that winter equipment is required in winter?

In some countries, winter equipment is required to cross mountain passes
after a snowfall only. This is the situation here in Spain: a electronic
panel or hand operated signal informs you if the nearest mountain pass is
"open", "open for vehicles with winter equipment" or "closed".

In Spain we could only try to include some message to make drivers check
the signals in function of their route. Signals are placed in advance, but
usually placed when you can't choose an alternative route but go to the
nearest village and turn around.

Besides, I'm not sure
about the precise meaning of "winter" when using the opening times
syntax, but in many countries, the restriction applies roughly from
mid-autumn to mid-spring. If a consumer decides to interpret "winter"
literally (21st Dec - 20 Mar), it's going to be off by a long margin.

I've been stuck in the snow on May 1st, but the original message asks about
legal requirements and date values shown on signals.
That's the reason why people is asking how to insert access time along with
access conditions.
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