[Tagging] man_made water _tap with amenity drinking_water

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 00:00:29 UTC 2017


Some think that the use of these 2 tags together is a good thing.

man_made=water _tap with amenity=drinking_water

There reasons? I think are;

1) indicates potable.

2) amenity=drinking_water includes tap .. so why not use both tags?


My answers;

1) man_made=water _tap uses the sub tag drinking_water=yes/no to 
indicate potability.

This is also used on other water sources like man_made=water_well.

If amenity=drinking_water is to be used to replace drinking_water=yes, then

what is to replace drinking_water=no?

And then it will have to be used with man_made=water_well.. and probably 
other things.

2) How do you tag;

a single tap? (me: man_made=water _tap, drinking_water=yes/no)

a single bubbler? (me: amenity=drinking_water)

a single bubbler and a single tap ? (me: amenity=drinking_water, 
man_made=water _tap, drinking_water=yes/no)

This clearly distinguishes one from the other and allows both to be 
included on the one node - and those exist.


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